of skin and stone by Eve Kagan

the sand refuses to be monochrome

here where the dunes meet                 the sea

my body pounds rock             pink flesh bruising 

blue     granite collides with slate       with skin


a lightning       bolt of white                marking 

the circumference                   the place

where one became      the other          a scar 

dolomite         basalt               milky quartz


harmonize with the waves      there is a violence

in the song      the tide pulls back       longing

my mouthful of salt    spurting blowhole       blubbery

mess of flesh   heart thumping           stones


grinding between toes             and teeth         gasping

for land           shades of beige           blonde             gold

pulling at the fibers                 of being           treading

where the earth drops off                    weightless


but                   for                   gravity 

and the moon              pulling             me under

Eve Kagan is a poet/performer/trauma therapist living in Boulder. Her poems have been published in Eunoia Review, Parks & Points & Poetry 2021, Amethyst Review, Lunate, and Wild Roof Journal; her personal essays and short stories have been published in various journals and anthologies.